Angelic Healing By Danica

What Your Angels Want You To Know.

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What Your Angels Want You To Know is a three card reading. With your order you’ll receive three different angelic messages from the angels plus one bonus message from the angels as Danica’s gift. After you’ve read your reading you’ll have more insight to your current situation and overall more clarity of what your angels what you to know....

Please note that this reading isn’t a specifi question reading.

What’s required for this reading:

Your name, birthdate and valid email address.

Must be 18+.

Your reading will be emailed via email. Please provide a correct email address during your checkout process. 

Please allow 2-3 business days to receive your three card reading. 

No refunds/exchanges are available at this time.


If you need assistance placing your order please Contact Danica.

Thank you.

Angelic Blessings!




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